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Induction hardening equipment

Mainly used for smelting cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous metals, including heavy metals (such as copper, lead) and precious metals (such as gold, silver), etc. The equipment is used in metallurgical industry, casting industry, non-metal smelting and other industries.


Aluminum Shell Melting Furnace

Melting and heating equipment


  • Product description
  • The induction hardening equipment cooperates with the quenching machine tool and the induction heating power supply to realize the induction hardening process controlled by the PLC program. It is often used for quenching and heat treatment of gears, bearings, shaft parts, valves, cylinder liners and various mechanical parts.



    The quenching machine tool is mainly composed of a bed, a slide table, a clamping and rotating mechanism, a cooling system, a quenching liquid circulation system, and an electrical control system.



    There are two types of quenching machine tools in terms of structure, vertical and horizontal. Users can choose quenching machine tools according to the quenching process. For special parts or special processes, they can be customized according to the heating process requirements.


Why Choose Ruixinsheng Technology?

Independent Intellectual Property Rights:

Master the core technology and independent research and development of internationalleading induction heating system.


Energy-Saving and Efficient:

Meet international standards for electrical and load design standards, power factor up to0.98, and energy saving 20%.


Environmental Protection and Safety:

Furnace structure according to the national standards, scientific and technologicalreasonable personalized design, ensure the safety and reliability of the device.


Stable and Reliable:

The world's first-class component selection, scientific and reasonable equipmenttechnology, complete protection functions, the primary fault is close to zero.


Intelligent Control:

Equipment management system, can achieve production management, quality control andother functions, to achieve remote diagnosis of equipment, data acquisition, transmissionand other monitoring.


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