Parallel intermediate frequency power supply

Simple operation, low failure rate, easy maintenance, high cost performance.

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The power cabinet body is designed with a fully enclosed structure, and the cabinet is made of 3mm steel plate. The protection class is IP54. The main power cabinet adopts a split modular design, which facilitates the installation and transportation of equipment. All the originals used in the whole system are from well-known brands with reliable quality, and they must be rigorously tested and screened after the factory.

Power supply parameters

Power supply parameters

Main feature:

  • High power output accuracy, error less than 1%.
  • Short power rise time.
  • Operation is very simple, only start/stop button and power dial, don`t need other adjustment.
  • phase loss protection of the main circuit
  • Short circuit protection of main circuit.
  • overvoltage protection of the silicon controlled.
  • Cooling water overtemperature protection.
  • Cooling water pressure is too low to protect.
  • Ground/leakage protection.

In addition to these protection systems, the following limits are also set:

  1. Full power limit;
  2. Capacitor voltage limit;
  3. Induction coil voltage limit;
  4. Output current limit;
  5. Frequency limit;

These protective systems and limits ensure that the induction melting system works safely and reliably.