One tow two energy-saving IF power supply

The two electric furnaces are continuously alternately melted and insulated for simultaneous operation, so that the power supply can always run at full power. This working mode works with two power supplies of one power supply, which greatly reduces the capacity of the transformer.

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One tow two melting furnace work features:

The operation mode adopts one tow two, one tow two, that is, one power supply cabinet supplies two furnace bodies to work at the same time. It can also be operated by any set of equipment separately and supplied to the A and B furnaces. It is especially suitable for large-scale continuous production operation of small and medium-sized castings, high-power melting operation of any electric furnace, and another furnace body can keep warm or preheat the cold furnace. The power is arbitrarily distributed as needed, and the sum of the powers of the two electric furnaces is constant. P = P (A) + P (B).


  • Energy saving, saving 20% than ordinary equipment;
  • no high-order harmonics, no need to eliminate harmonic devices;
  • the power factor is high, the power factor is always maintained above 0.95, without the reactive power compensation device;
  • The high utilization rate of the transformer can save half of the transformer capacity.