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The induction coil copper tube is made of Chinalco luoyang copper , which is made of solid, durable and highly conductive TU1 oxygen-free copper tube. The effective coil of the water-cooling ring is pressed as a whole, and the induction coil is sandblasted as a whole, and the outer layer is made of 3M insulating porcelain powder which is sintered at high temperature for many times to form a dense insulating coating. So as to ensure that the induction coil no longer fire, for the reliable operation of equipment to provide security.

Induction coil craft and insulation

Design: Ruixinsheng has many electrical engineers. They have rich experience in induction coil design. according to different customer needs to design and manufacture non-standard induction coil.


After the induction ring is in normal use, within one year, the supplier will provide free maintenance or replacement service, except for faults caused by water shortage or leakage furnace.

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We provide fast and reliable emergency service. send professional maintenance personnel to arrive at the scene within 24 hours.Professional service staff at any time to answer your phone 7×24 hours, to provide you with professional technical guidance, help you remote diagnosis, we always provide you with a full range of after-sales support.

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