0.5-40T Steel shell melting furnace

It has the characteristics of high melting efficiency, good electricity saving effect, uniform metal composition, less burning loss, fast temperature rise, easy temperature control and so on. Suitable for all kinds of metal smelting occasions.

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The open furnace body includes:Whirlwind dust removal environmental protection furnace lid and tilting furnace oil cylinder, Furnace lid lifting, new induction coil, energy saving yoke, full set of water inlet distributor, imported carbonless hose and so on.

Products advantage

  • 1.The furnace shell adopts steel structure and occupies a small area.
  • 2.It is convenient to flip and dump the furnace body. Manual, electric and hydraulic tilting can be used.
  • 3.Furnace leakage alarm device can effectively protect the safety of person and equipment in time.
  • 4.The ejector device of furnace lining makes it fast and efficient to replace furnace lining and improve production efficiency.
  • 5.Good stability of steel shell furnace body is helpful to extend furnace lining life.
  • 6.The coil is surrounded by more than 70% of the yoke, reducing leakage flux.
  • 7.The advantages of steel shell are firm, not easy to damage, strong security.
  • 8.The new type of water cable head and special cold pressing molding device invented by our company can minimize the displacement of water cooling cable when tilt the furnace and improve its service life.
  • 9.The role of the furnace cover is to minimize heat loss.
  • 10.According to the smelting metal material, designing specific induction coil, so as to improve the utilization rate of electricity.
  • 11.Strong coil support design eliminates the possibility of inter-turn short-circuit, inter-turn clearance is convenient for maintenance, conducive to the release of moisture, greatly extending the service life of the induction coil.
  • 12.Adopting high performance insulation materials.
  • 13.Cooling rings are used at the top and bottom to extend the furnace lining life.14.Smoke collecting device can be used to improve working environment.


Furnace body whirlwind dust hood

The whirlwind dust hood has excellent vacuuming effect, takes up less space, can be tilted back and forth, and can be stopped at any position. The whirlwind dust hood can avoid Front turn furnace lid baking operator.The dust hood can effectively vacuum during the spheroidizing process before the furnace, which can’t be done with a traditional vacuum.

Front and rear tilting type insulation dust hood

The front and rear tilting type dust hoods through the hydrocylinder to make the whole dust hood can be opened in front or behind. It is necessary to change the opening mode of the dust hood by operating and changing the position of the positioning pin. The dust hood absorbs dust and exhaust gas through a certain amount of suction air to achieve and improve the exhaust emission effect.Welded steel dust hood, which can be opened by hydraulic front and behind, connected to the exhaust emission and suction piping system through a flange on the rotating shaft of the furnace body.When the entire dust hood is opened in the forward direction, the feeding operation is performed.The entire dust hood can be opened in the reverse direction. This design facilitates the operation of the furnace lining without disassembling the dust hood, and facilitates the maintenance of the pouring port of the induction furnace.

Furnace weighing system

According to customer requirements, the furnace body weighing system can be installed. The furnace body weighing system will transfer the melting weight data of metal to the PLC of the control system, which is convenient for operators to adjust the composition and production arrangement, and can also realize automatic melting of the system.